Border Patrol Spokesman: Serious Situation ‘Border is Wide Open’, Agents Hours Are ‘Being Restricted’ [Watch]

The Border Patrol has seen a reduction in traffic but it is only because the drug cartels & runners and coyotes are adjusting to our new tactics. Make no mistake about it the invasion will continue as obama is planning to grant amnesty one way or another. Take note in that $4 billion border aid package, the regime wants Congress to approve, there is a very small amount, in the tens of millions, going to border security! Garza makes it clear agents are being restricted in the amount of hours they can work while pointing out they are the first line of defense for the nation! Does this make any sense? No sufficient funding to allow agents to work extended hours let alone anything to beef up border security? It makes sense if you are intentionally trying to collapse the system using textbook Cloward & Piven strategy!