Dem Congresswoman: ‘You Don’t Have a Right to Know Everything’ Government Does [Watch]

Politicians and admin appointees think they’re above the law and the People…

It’s about time the people of America remind everyone in elected office from the local school board, mayor to those on the Hill in DC of a simple concept:


We the People, LEGAL US citizens, hard-working, tax paying Americans = MASTER
Politicians, sheriffs, judges, school board members etc anyone elected or appointed by We the People = SERVANTS

You dopes do what We the People tell you! We want to know something you tell us! If you are subpoenaed you show up and answer questions. Got it!?

We the People MASTERS elect/ appoint SERVANTS to represent us and do the work of running our towns/ cities and the govt because we don’t want to be bothered with the details. You the SERVANTS offer yourselves to be the voice and representation of the people/MASTERS to do what we want. You SERVANTS need to understand you are our employees! The buildings you work in is our property. The cars you drive around in at our expense are ours, every local, state & federal dime you spend is our money! You do not tell us what we can or cannot do, have or have not access to or what we can or cannot know! Got it!?

Enough is enough with this elitist mentality!

For those who will whine about context, here is Eleanor Holmes Norton full segment from the House Oversight Business Meeting.