Israeli Ambassador Slams CNN for ‘Disservice to Your Viewers’ in Israel-Gaza Coverage [Watch]

The split screen footage from Gaza you’re seeing is exactly WHY Hamas is using schools, hospitals, apartment buildings etc as weapons depots and even launch points. Hamas knows how to play this propaganda game and they know these locations will be targeted resulting in civilian injuries and death. Hamas is a terror organization but CNN (Communist News Network) won’t speak a word of that will they?! No of course not because this network like all members of the imperial propaganda network want to make Israel out to look like the bad guy.

What an upside down world we live in where the media takes sides with terrorists. Makes sense though doesn’t it since the obama regime supports Hamas, Palestinians and all radical islamic regimes!

Erin Burnett is a TOOL whose mentor, Mark Haines (from CNBC if alive today) would be extremely ashamed of her!