Rep Luis Gutiérrez Brags ‘We Can Get 3 or 4, Maybe Even 5 Million People’ Amnesty via Executive Orders [Watch]

This bastard is actively seeking any and all loopholes to advise the imperial emperor on how to usurp the rule law and will of the people to grant amnesty to CRIMINALS! Criminals who not only crossed the border illegally but literally we know of the thousands of criminals entering the US everyday. Gov Perry made it abundantly clear that many illegals coming through Texas alone are responsible for the majority of homicide and sexual assaults. Gutiérrez is in fact bragging about how he hopes to get 3-5 million in the US who are not all little angels!

This is pure insanity! Gutiérrez should be deemed an enemy of the state for deliberately seeking the means/ methods to usurp our laws and advising obama how to go about it! DC of course remains completely silent because the progressives WANT this new pool of voters and criminals as they open the door for one party rule.