Confirmed Report: Tuberculosis Spreading At Camps Among Illegal Immigrants [Watch]

This manufactured crisis by the obama regime is a national security and health emergency. Outside of Fox and a few conservative radio shows no one is talking about the dangers ALL Americans are under no thanks to obama’s promises of amnesty. In Murrieta CA all the pro-amnesty protesters want to push is the racial angle they have no clue the dangers they are putting themselves and their families under.

If conservatives and republicans want to win this newest battle against the imperial regime they better change all the talking points to focus on the health danger we are all under. And consider this within the hispanic women, children and men (who are genuinely seeking work) there are also OTM’s (Chinese, Eastern Europe, Middle East, etc) entering the country those who are not friends to the US. This border rush and health risk proves that someone deliberately infected with a deadly disease/ virus could successfully enter the US and cause a pandemic! That ladies and gentlemen especially those of you on the left is the primary reason many of us on the right want this border shut down.

You open border, pro-amnesty supporters only see things with blinders on you cannot see the dangers we are under if you get your way. The border must be sealed and all who are here must be quarantined and sent back to their native lands.