Sen Cruz: Crisis on Border is Result of Obama’s Lawlessness [Listen]

“…the president is right that it’s a humanitarian crisis, but it is a crisis of his own creation. This is the direct consequence of President Obama’s lawlessness..”

The emperors silence over this “crisis” is not neglect, being feeble, clueless etc this none response is his endorsement that everything is going according to his plans. Obama was student and now a professor of radical leftist tactics, you are witnessing Cloward and Piven put into action. His majesty is deliberately redlining the system to cause a collapse. Through his words and lack of action the border is under full invasion where we have 10’s of thousands who will be shipped around the country to become local communities problem. Communities who are already having a tough time getting by under his radical policies.

This is what radicals do, they set plans in motion watch the dominos fail then when it hits the fan they come in to the rescue with a solution. The solution of course is more power to the ruling elite that offers a temporary fix to the system long enough for the political benefits to get more party members into power! That is the goal of Cloward and Piven create chaos in order to rebuild under your new utopian dream. Problem is the utopian dream progressives aka patient communists have tried to create has never worked.

We are on a collision course with disaster and Congress does nothing!