Hamas Founder’s Son Speaks Out: Hamas is a Terrorist Organization They Are Not Humanitarians

Mosab Hassan Yousef is the son of the founder of Hamas making it clear Hamas is a terrorist organization. Someone ought to take this clip or his other appearance and shove it in Nanzi Pelozei’s face! While you’re at it make sure to hand deliver copies to all the terrorist sympathizers in Holly… Hamaswood since they all seem to have jumped on the anti-Israel bandwagon.

IMO anyone siding with the Palestinians is siding with Hamas and I will not accept they are ignorant to the facts that Hamas is the aggressor time and again.
The Israelis want to be left alone yet Palestinians and Hamas keep wanting to take more and more from them, the US and the UN. Hamas launches rocket and ground attacks year round and then when Israel has finally had enough retaliates with sufficient warning to civilians Hamas cries foul! They are deliberately putting innocent people in the line of fire to use the images of children wounded & killed to sway public opinion. They are a lot like the obama regime being masters of propaganda! Hamas like all terror organizations needs to be wiped off the map. Too harsh? Not really since it is in their charter to destroy Israel and wipeout Jews.