Illegal Aliens Being Dumped Without Notice in Nebraska [Watch]

Take note along with not notifying communities, it is being reported that feds are now dropping.. dumping illegals off in unmarked buses & planes. This is probably a direct result following the resistance from Murrieta, CA residents against the dumping policies of this corrupt administration. The feds are going to operate below the radar as much as possible now knowing the people will not put up with this govt sanctioned human trafficking. This is an extremely dangerous game they are playing which is putting American citizens health in danger.

Aside from the criminality in dumping these people all over the country it’s even worse because of the legitimate health risk they pose. We have a right to know where these people are being sent. It is seditious to take a plane/ bus load of illegal aliens and drop them in our backyards! If this is not treasonous activity then what is?

US military thanks for sitting on the sidelines while the nation you swore to protect is being overrun and now your neighbors… your kids health is now being put at risk!