‘No Stop To The Flow’ Of Illegal Immigrants [Watch]


Wow big freaking deal the numbers of illegals has dropped from 1500 a day to 1000! Fact is they are still coming over and NO ONE in DC is doing anything about it! The lack of action from this government is an indictment of their complicity with undermining the sovereignty and safety of the US.

Both sides, democrats & republicans, want illegals aliens in the US with plans of legalizing them and converting them into voters the DC destroyers can take credit for! The jig is up America those we sent to DC to handle the nation’s business do not care or trust you anymore! They know we aren’t falling for their lies, deceit, running the nation into massive debt, destruction of our rights and liberties etc. Because we aren’t falling for their scheme we the people have become second class citizens to illegal aliens coming across the southern border because of the ruling elite in this country.

The lines should be pretty clear now and no one should have any doubt or do you need more proof? Does the $3.7 billion aid package have to be passed for people to see the writing on the wall!? They don’t the money to care for our vets, homeless, downtrodden and unemployed but can find $3.7 to throw at the border where only $100M will actually go to care for illegals?! This is a disgrace and you are witnessing the historic downfall of America!