Ingraham: ‘There Will Be Hell to Pay’ if GOP Pushes Amnesty [Listen]

Laura Ingraham is on fire throwing down against the establishment GOP! There should be hell to pay regardless if immigration reform is squashed this year. DC needs to be completely gutted, 99% of Congress cannot be trusted. We have a handful, literally, of rebels in the GOP who would leave the party if they could. Guys like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are traitors to conservatives and this nation at this point for pushing amnesty. Rubio may be against it now but he is the one who pushed amnesty in 2013 with the Gang of 8! Ryan has been practically MIA ever since the 2012 election keeping occupied working on the House version of amnesty with the seditious Luis Gutierrez!

The establishment GOP really believes if immigration was passed they would win the hearts and minds of hispanic voters. Yea we tried that in ’86 when Congress put one over on Reagan where that voting block they hoped to capture never came after Ronaldus Maximus was deceived into signing that garbage amnesty bill!

America if you do not wake the hell up and throw everyone out (exception of a few i.e. Gowdy, Gohmert, Lee, Cruz, Jeff Sessions etc) this nation will be lost. The GOP must go the way of the Whig Party it is the only way we have a slight chance of surviving what is coming.