Jon Karl: Did The W.H. Coordinate with the DCCC on Impeachment? [Watch]

There is NO DOUBT there is coordination between the imperial regime and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). The Propaganda Minister can spin it all he wants, fact is they have been pushing the impeachment angle to rescue dems in danger of losing their midterm election.

Impeachment will never happen for a multitude of reasons but one being the idea of Pres Biden. No one wants Biden as POTUS and IMO that is very reason why obama chose him, to serve as a shield from ever being impeached!

As for the priorities the Minister points out at the end in attacking republicans for suing obama, they are a joke. The regime couldn’t careless about reducing the deficit, jobs and the economy. These are just talking points to put republicans in a bad light as usual. They bring it on themselves for being incompetent. If the regime cared they would have done something about these priorities when they held a supermajority for two years but instead chose to ram barackobamacare through!