Illegal Aliens Protest Outside White House With No Repercussions [Watch]

Why aren’t these criminals being arrested?

Are you sitting down? Aside from how insulting it is to see and hear these illegals protesting on US soil they are making demands! It is pure insanity and a sign of how lost this nation has become where illegals are demanding a seat at the table to discuss US immigration policy!

This thing is out of control when you have people who are not citizens making demands. Try going to their native country and protest and make demands!? You will end up getting clubbed over the head and thrown in jail while you wait to be deported!

Congress has failed American citizens just over the fact they have allowed this circus to go on for as long as it has. Illegals need to be shipped home immediately. No negotiation, no hearings, nothing! They are here against the law and must be sent home. Those who came from Central America should be dropped on Mexico’s lap since they are their problem in the first place.

Oh one last thing… HAMMER Fox and anyone else who continues to call these people “undocumented immigrants”. They are here illegally, they are not native to this country thus they ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS!