MS-13 Gang Members Among Children Crossing Border Illegally [Watch]

Gangs, criminals, drug dealers, OTM’s from all over the world are coming across the border and NO ONE in DC is doing anything about it. The emperor plays the blame game 24/7 as the GOP pursues frivolous lawsuits while deciding when they’ll put another show (hearings) on!

The US is in full distress, we are being invaded at our southern border while our elected leaders have done pretty much nothing. Why? Because they want illegals in the US to become the new voting block to keep them in power. American citizens have become second class citizens. In their quest for power and glory the dopes in DC left the door wide open for the most dangerous to enter the US and cause chaos. Mark my words violence and crime statistics will inch up in the coming years in border states and then big cities across the country… if we are lucky!

The US govt and all of Congress will have blood on their hands for doing nothing about the border. A simple 1-2 page bill should have been passed by now to lock it down. Instead they want to push $3.7B border aid bill which will do nothing to stop the flow of illegals into the country let alone secure the border.

DC’s logic: The door is wide open! Ok well lets throw money we don’t have at it!