Obama Admin Handing Out Pink Slips to Military Officers While Asking for $3.7 Billion for Illegals [Watch]

Granted some of these cuts were made prior to what is going on right now but how is it the govt all of a sudden has $3.7 billion to WASTE on illegal aliens but not our troops? Where did this $3.7 billion come from if we didnt have it at the time the cuts were approved? Take note who is getting cut, officers, not grunts but officers who are the brains behind our troops we will need in the future!

The regime is systematically cutting our military down to the bone while our enemies around the world are arming and building up! To make matters worse our border is clearly wide open proving obama and his ilk were flat-out lying to the country when they said it was secure. Aside from the women, children coming across and men seeking work we have unknown numbers of criminals, drug dealers, gang members and OTM’s from all over the world coming across our border! It would make sense to move the funding back into the military and put them on the damn border!

No no that won’t happen. This regime will waste more money on a symptom instead of trying to cure the problem. DC is completely useless and inept, too bad the military won’t wake up to see who the domestic enemies are. You would think with these budget cuts, the reduction in funding for equipment etc, and the lack of care vets receive they would get the hint by now. Someday maybe the troops will realize this govt as they use and abuse them considers them the enemy!