Obama Tells Cabinet ‘Be Creative, Fix Problems’ to Bypass Congress

Darth Hussein has no clue what he is doing, his actions and the current state of the US is proof of that. While he attacks Congress over his failed policies people will want to point fingers all day long but ask yourselves this one question. With all these things he wants done to fix the economy & the US why didn’t he do them when he had a super majority for 2 years? For 2 full years Darth Hussein could have done anything from passing economic bills to create jobs and stimulate industry to immigration reform. Instead he wasted that those 2 years to ram obamacare through which has been proven to be a complete and total disaster! Also during that time he rammed through an economic stimulus bill, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, costing taxpayers an initial $787 billion which has risen well over trillion dollars that failed. Yes it failed because had it the stimulus worked we wouldn’t have an economy on life support with 100 million Americans out of work!

Darth Hussein is a complete and total failure. He knows this and it is why he is constantly blaming everyone else for the chaos he has created. But now to go to his cabinet and tell them to look for ways to bypass Congress is treasonous! This man and these people are seditious and should all face impeachment. They won’t because the Congress he is telling his cabinet members to go around that are completely inept, incompetent and impotent won’t even take action to preserve their own power and stance in our system of government. Congress you have been rendered irrelevant by this dictator and to this day you remain silent.

It’s been said here before it will be said again, the United States IS IN DISTRESS. What this man, his aides, cabinet members etc are doing to this nation is something our enemies and terrorists around the world could only dream of!

US military WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? If it were a defined foreign enemy of the US you would act without hesitation but since they are own you turn a blind eye! That oath you all hold in high regard is meaningless as the Republic you swore an oath to protect has become a Banana Republic. You need to be reminded you swore an oath to God & Country not a man/men & government!

Shame on all of you!