Americans Have Forgotten WHY We Celebrate Fourth of July

Been a while since we’ve seen some Q&A vids from Mark Dice but as usual the uninformed class never disappoints in demonstrating how clueless they are. These people have no idea why we celebrate the 4th of July agreeing with the suggestion the 4th is to celebrate:
‣our victory over Nazi Germany
‣the Moon landing
‣winning our independence from Mexico
‣signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913
‣here’s a doozy, Abraham Lincoln discovering America in 1492!

These people are a snapshot of the level of intelligence of most American voters! Those of us in the know who follow the news and everything going on are the exception and the minority. The scary thing is these clueless people hold jobs with positions of responsibility over money and people, care for our elderly & children, educate us, operate heavy equipment/ automobiles, vote and reproduce!