Retired Border Officer: “Agent is Much More Afraid of His Own Govt Than” Criminals Across Border [Watch]

Testimonial from retired Border Officer Zach Taylor about the elevated threats and dangers our open border poses on every single Americans, our economy jobs health etc. Listening to Taylor you cannot tell me this govt isn’t setting this nation on a collision course with disaster!

Taylor expresses the same concerns expressed on STR about the dangers of the sick with communicable diseases coming into this country by people who do not get captured or surrender to border agents.

When Taylor warns of the fact that our border agents are not being given sufficient ammo until 2015 should be alarming. They cannot train and maintain superiority which puts their lives at risk if for when they have to engage hostiles on the border. If they cannot repel hostile invaders what does that mean for the border towns and cites and then further inland?

In another time with a different competent government US govt officials behind such actions would be brought up for treason. In this day and age said leaders and officials are praised, promoted and elected to higher positions. The disaster Taylor warns of is the reset that is coming unless we get real leaders in all levels of govt (local state & federal) to make serious drastic changes. Time is not on our side… hope for the best but prepare for the worst!