Sen Cruz: We Should be Empowering the Free Speech of the Citizenry, Not Prohibiting It [Watch]

So while the regime has everyone’s attention scattered on scandals, poor foreign policy and our border under full invasion the debate continues in the Senate about 47 socialists who are looking to Amend the First Amendment and prohibit free speech.

Anyone looking at the bill would respond as Sen Angus King has, frankly playing stupid, but thankfully we have Sen Cruz to spell out how a bill like SJ19 could easily be interpreted and weaponized to silence free speech.

This is what your elected leaders are busy doing as the US remains in economic and social turmoil! They spend tax payer dollars not looking for ways to stimulate the economy & jobs, cut debt, strengthen our military and relations with our allies around the world or secure our border now under full invasion. No, they look for ways to silence the people camouflaging such legislation under campaign contribution reform!

Stay asleep America it’s working out so well….