General Doubles Down: Prepare for Multiple Attacks, ISIS Already in US

“I believe American cities will be attacked and that we should be prepared for it”… “The American people are in danger…”

McInerney is standing by his earlier warning that the US could get hit on 9/11 by ISIS. Gen Dempsey and Sec Hagel were right on the threat ISIS poses and the regime has them walking back their warnings from last thursday. McInerney says this is the same downplaying the regime pulled before Benghazi was hit! A big question people should be demanding an answer on is who told Dempsey to walk back the warning? That is the same person who should be held directly responsible if anything happens and people end up dead.

Whomever it is still won’t dismiss obama’s responsibility as this is all his fault for his pathetically weak foreign policy; he has put this nation in danger. To make matters worse obama’s meddling on immigration has left the border wide open as our border agents are busy changing diapers, babysitting and filing paperwork rather than protecting the nation. This mess at the southern border has given more than enough time for God knows how many terrorists to stroll across!

Pray McInerney is wrong!