Mark Levin BLASTS Obama: ‘Get Your Ass Off The Golf Course… Act Like A President Or Get The Hell Out!’

The only one sounding presidential is Levin as he lays out what a real president should be doing in response to the Foley murder and threat to America by ISIS. The Great One makes a great point asking how is it we cannot take out 12-20 thousand dirtbags in Iraq? The simple answer is because obama doesn’t want to take ISIS out!

Obama is as Allen West boldly stated an islamist who IMO is enabling the rise of the islamic caliphate. Once again this time by lack of action our “president” is aiding and abetting the enemy! In Libya and Syria this regime sent arms to the rebels who turned out to be insurgents, enemies to the US and those who are most likely ISIS fighters! Not one Senator of Representative called obama or anyone out in the admin over this clear act of treason. Now this regime is allowing an enemy WORSE than al Qaeda to rise to power having their own “state” fully funded, armed and organized. Once they have secured all of Iraq & Syria they will move east into Jordan through the West Bank and then strike at Israel. ISIS has said that the capital for the Caliphate will be Jerusalem, and then they will move on to Rome (the Vatican)!

Conquer Jerusalem Rome

Obama just does not care about the dangers he is putting people in America and around the world in. He is gambling right now that nothing will happen during the last two years of his reign of power. Then when blood and destruction hits the streets of America you know the demoncrats will blame republicans and conservatives for it all should they gain power in the midterms and 2016!