Glenn Beck Makes Case That Obama is Committing Treason Offering ‘Aid and Comfort’ to Our Enemies

Beck continues his call for the imperial emperor but also John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Boehner and anyone else calling to give aid and comfort to Al Qaeda through military action in Syria be impeached.

Take note this call for impeachment is not about party or skin color, its dirtbags on both sides of the aisle trying to start World War 3! Obama waived the ban against arming terrorists so he can aid the Syria rebels.. aka terrorists! This is treason and NO ONE in DC is talking about it. WHY? Why is Congress sitting on the sideline allowing this man drunk with power to do as he wishes aiding our enemies, stoking the flames of war in the middle east?

What the emperor and the progressives in DC are doing to be involved with Syria is deliberate at this point. With war comes money and power, and all of these people are positioned to gain from that while people will die!