Mark Levin SNAPS: Who the Hell Put Al Sharpton in Charge of What’s Right and What’s Wrong

Sharpton and the other race hustlers are responsible for all the racial divide in America. They have successfully convinced a segment of the black community that they are no good and will get no where keeping them in a corner and everything is the white mans fault. They preach they hate to keep their pockets lined.

The case with Sharpton is much worse though because he has been involved with cases that were proven to be untrue: Tawana Brawley, Duke Lacrosse team rape cases, Trayvon Martin, etc. This man will come in and throw gasoline on a fire without having any facts. He is also part of the protected class having obama’s ear. You can be sure everything he does going forward is all coordinated with the white house and DOJ. Once he goes in public causing as much trouble as possible Sharpton then takes to the airwaves of the regimes key propaganda network MSNBC. It is safe to say as time goes on this monster with engage in hateful dangerous rhetoric with no fear of retaliation having obama & Holder at the ready to protect him.