100 Million Americans Out of Work: 142K Jobs Added In August, 92.3 Million Out of Labor Force

BLS reports the number of people out of the labor force hit a record of 92,269,000. Couple that with 9,591,000 on the books who are unemployed you have over 100 million Americans out of work. Keep in mind the record 10 mil on disability haven’t been factored in either, as some will argue they make up the 92M. This jobs report like all from the imperial obama regime is just more cooked employment numbers hiding the truth that there is NO RECOVERY and we remain in a stealth depression. The unemployment rate IS NOT 6.1% nor the adjusted 12%, the real unemployment rate remains at 23%!

For this nation to truly be in a recovery we would need to have 3-400,000 jobs created a month! That would mean all industries would be booming but they aren’t instead they are sitting on their money in fear of obamacare, taxes, regs/EPA, unions etc or running to the hills moving operations overseas to escape the anti-capitalist nature of this corrupt govt.

America continues to live in denial that all is well in this jobless recovery from “the worst recession since the Great Depression“. Notice how ALL pundits like to use that line yet leave out the fact that the numbers today are worse than they were during the Great Depression. Along with no jobs or economic growth we have massive unsustainable social entitlement programs that have replaced the welfare, housing, food and job lines of the 1930’s thus the stealth depression!