Judge Napolitano: Founding Fathers Turning in Graves at Obama’s ‘Unconstitutional, Murderous’ Behavior

The Judge expresses his concern over the erosion of Americans civil liberties on the Capitol Hill Show and the dangerous precedents being set (warned here many times) when Congress sits back doing nothing….

“…some of the things that George W. Bush did on his own have been done by Barack Obama and he has used the fact that Bush did them and got away with them as a precedent. That tells me that fill-in-the-blank that will be elected in 2016 would not be above.. unless it’s Rand Paul, would not be above or beneath making the same claim and using Barack Obama’s unconstitutional, unlawful, and quite candidly, murderous behavior as a precedent. Because when the president does something, and it becomes a precedent. Meaning there is no blowback, Congress didn’t do anything about it, the courts didn’t interfere and prevent it from happening again. When the president gets away with that, it becomes a precedent for a future president.

Basically, in amending the Constitution by consent rather than by amendment, by agreeing to overlook the due process clause when the president wants to, this would turn Jefferson and Madison and even Hamilton and Adams in their graves!”

You would think the dems would wake up to this knowing that it won’t always be someone from their party in the oval office. The problem with Congress is that there are progressives calling themselves republican and democrat in power so they don’t care! What we have is this back and forth of power grabs with party members pointing fingers to draw lines and divide the people while they are all pals behind closed doors!