Propaganda Minister Vows Obama Will “Take Executive Action” on Immigration “Before the End of the Year”

What the Propaganda Minster says here would appear to coincide with Pelosi hinting the emperor will make a move around Thanksgiving or Christmas on amnesty. The imperial emperor has nothing to lose now folks, he will roll the dice waiting until after the midterm elections and then pull the trigger on amnesty. Obama has Holder, DHS Sec Johnson and closet communists like Rep Luis Gutiérrez “advising” him on every loophole available to end run Congress.

Now there is a way to override the president’s Executive Orders but that is going to require a massive number of people getting out and voting for conservatives in November. Only a 2/3’s supermajority can overturn the presidents actions. Will that electoral landslide happen? Don’t hold your breath…

In 2009-10 people were in the streets protesting obamacare which resulted in taking the House back but it still got through. The nation has been just about silent on illegal immigration/ amnesty. There have been no large-scale protests like the numbers we saw that resulted in winning the House, and the 2012 election had extremely weak turnout. Congressional approval is at low yet Americans insist on putting those responsible for all our problems back in office.

Amnesty, asylum or whatever the crooks cook up is coming because the people of this country do not have the will to put a stop to the power elite.