Pelosi Predicts Holiday Surprise on Immigration

The boy king held off pulling the trigger on amnesty while everyone was away on summer vacation. We have since learned the delay on violating the law is because obama and his lackeys fear such action it will hurt dems seeking re-election so he will wait until after the midterm elections. Now we have Pelozei setting the stage for the holiday season to be truly ruined.

Obama will more than likely force amnesty on the nation during the Christmas break. If you recall the demoncrats rammed obamacare through in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. It is logical to expect his majesty to grant amnesty with his magic pen as a “gift” to illegals… undocumented democrat voters and the party. You have to wonder when he does it how many of the illegals in the country he will legalize are gang bangers, criminals or terrorists like ISIS!?