Sen Sessions: Senate Dems’ Immigration Policies ‘Take Jobs From American Women By The Millions’

People on both sides of the aisle argue over the war on women in which most of the time it is cooked up partisan nonsense. But Sen Sessions raises legitimate concern and a real war on women if illegals are permitted entry into the US to take jobs from them as well as men. How come the left who is supposedly the champion of women’s rights crying bloody murder for equality between the sexes seems to forget all of that when they push for amnesty? What about the single moms who need a job? We don’t want to talk about that do we? Nope, because as always Americans, men or women, are second class citizens to illegal aliens. The left cares about women, illegal alien women/ single mothers!

FYI Sessions mentions, this is an organization pushing for amnesty backed by facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. So those of you on the right buying facebook ad space, “Boosting” your posts etc your money, even if it’s fractional, is in fact going to those working against you!