McCain Takes Carney to the Woodshed For Lying About Iraq

I’m no fan of McRINO but he was there (Iraq) and this dweeb, Jay ‘Carnival’ Carney, wants to argue and say McCain’s facts are wrong! Carney continues to lie as if he is still the Minister of Propaganda.

As for McCain, the fact remains he wanted to arm Syrian rebels who have terror elements embedded within them, IS being one of them. He and obama are partly responsible for the rise of IS they sent arms and “advisors” to train said rebels. To this day the regime and RINO’s like McCain have no clue whose side the rebels are on! They might be our “friends” today but when the battle is over will they turn those weapons and training on us?! Americans are tired and not interested in finding out a few years down the road. We have the best Air Force in the world and should let them send IS and all the other terror groups back to the stone age!