Krauthammer: Obama Lying Brazenly About Halting Executive Action on Immigration

Everything the imperial emperor does is politically driven to boost him and his lackeys position in DC or protect them. The delay in his lawless Executive Action is to protect democrats up for re-election thinking the people are stupid to think the issue of amnesty is off the table. He is also taking more time to violate the law in order to take advantage of every loophole Holder, DHS Sec Johnson, Rep Luis Gutiérrez, Sen Schumer and all the others advising he can. To be frank the longer he takes the worst it will be for the nation!

There is only one way to stop this monster occupying the oval office and that is through conservatives & republicans holding a 2/3’s supermajority in Congress. A supermajority is the only way to reverse what he is doing and that in itself is a gamble with the progressive republicans infesting Congress! Regardless, it is imperative to tie every single demoncrat running for election/ re-election to obama and his radical policies. It is imperative to inform the uninformed class that if they think it is bad now being in poverty and unemployed their chances of climbing out will be almost non-existent the moment he legalizes 5++ million illegal aliens. Take yourselves out of the equation and make the troubles illegals will cause everyone’s problem. All Americans out of work and living in poverty will feel the pain when he grants amnesty, worker permits, asylum or whatever the regime conjures up.