Homeland Security Chief Drops Amnesty Bombshell

DHS Sec Jeh Johnson confirming he and DOJ are working to find ways to allow obama to bypass Congress violating the separation of powers by “legislating” via Executive Action. He like all radicals in this regime pushes the lie that the immigration system is broken. It is not broken but may appear so only because those charged with enforcing the laws on the books have broken it! Johnson also confirms what everyone already knows that the emperor delayed breaking the law over the summer to protect demoncrats up for election. The rush at the border just 2 months ago was being called a humanitarian crisis, but now we hear nothing even though illegals continue to storm our border. This just goes to show you no one cares about the people coming here, they only want them here so as to legalize them turning them into democratic voters

America DC is a ghost town, the only people showing up to protest are small leftist groups on immigration or other causes. Where are the millions of Americans unemployed who will feel more pain the moment his majesty legalize 5++ million unskilled uneducated illegals who will take whatever jobs remain? Where are all the Americans who have been screwed over by obamacare who have health issues now where more illegals will only cram the healthcare system taking resources away? Remaining silent on amnesty will be our undoing….