ISIS Executes Brit Aid Worker Sends “A Message to the Allies of America”

Graphic content has been removed due to heavy censorship. For some reason the powers that be do not want civilized people around the world to see the handiwork of true evil. IMO people have seen worse from numerous TV shows & movies than what was in this video… SERIOUSLY!! If YOU want to host the original video contact STR.

The cold-blooded murders continue from ISIS who obama has deemed are not islamic. For now they are directing their aggression towards US allies forcing hostages, like Brit aid worker David Haines, to spew the same propaganda blaming the Prime Minister & Parliament for siding with the US. These monsters will attack anyone who stands opposed to them even those who have not bombed them but are aiding those like the Peshmerga who are battling them. It is safe to assume those countries who have citizens being held hostage by ISIS that have joined the obama/Kerry coalition to fight ISIS will face the same fate.

The beheading of westerners and those opposed to ISIS is never going to stop. There is NO negotiating with ISIS, the only diplomacy they will ever understand will come from the end of a barrel or drop of a bomb!

(Every single original copy has been removed from the net. If I upload the original to ANY video hosting site they will delete it and ban me. Got it? Stop with the whiny emails already!)