Judge Pirro Destroys Obama’s Poor Handling of ISIS Threat With Facts & Truth

“What’s with the counterterrorism offensive? Who do you think you are Jack Bauer?”

Judge Pirro is a wrecking machine when it comes to blasting the imperial petulant child week after week!

She picked apart the imperial emperors feckless weak foreign policy over the rising threat of ISIS. This clown occupying the oval office has little to no support from nations around the world. This should concern all Americans as it is now clear we no longer have the influence or trust as we once did. Obama only has 9 countries behind him vs the 49 Bush had and I suspect with the beheading of Haines it may drop since those allies are now on notice by ISIS they are in their crosshairs.

Pirro did an excellent job calling obama out on his “ISIL is not islamic” claim citing if it were true then why:
-do they yell “Allahu Akbar”
-why does their leader al-Baghdadi have a PhD in ISLAMIC studies
-are they implementing Sharia (ISLAMIC) Law
-are they call for an ISLAMIC caliphate
-do they call themselves an ISLAMIC State
-does the US provide Korans to captured fighters/ terrorists??

For a group that according to obama isn’t islamic they sure do act like it huh! It is dangerous for Americans that this man and his regime do not identify radical islam by name especially when “radical islam” and similar language is being removed from training manuals. This regime is clearly giving into pressure from CAIR and bowing down to the Muslim Brotherhood. By the way 6 years ago anyone even mentioning islam in the same sentence when describing obama was attacked vehemently (even though it is fact he studied it while living in Indonesia) how is he now an expert on it dictating who is and isn’t islamic?

The JV obama administration must be going nuts now that GWB has been proven right and this mess with ISIS is all obama’s fault. Had he not pulled all US troops out of Iraq IS might not be as strong as they are and at the least wouldn’t have their hands on our equipment!