Sen Graham: Obama Must Stop ISIS ‘Before We All Get Killed Here at Home’

Well many conservatives are no fans of Lindsey Graham but the Senator is dead on correct here. Emperor obama is in fact trying to outsource our security to forces who have a history of cutting and running or even turning on us!

The rise of IS is more serious than any other terror group because they have the ability to self sustain themselves through sale of oil on the black market, theft, extortion etc. As I have said here before IS has gone to a level bin Laden could have only dreamt of for al-Qaeda. IS has the money now to finance operations that took AQ years to pull off. They have more manpower and talent with 100’s even 1000’s joining them at an accelerated rate, so much intelligence agencies are bouncing numbers from 10K to 30 even 50K in the IS army.

The worst part about all of this is the damage obama has done with our allies around the world. No one is quick to join the obama/Kerry coalition to fight IS because they have no trust in the US. Obama has created a hornets nest in the middle east and God only knows how many are here in the US. We know of approx 100 Americans that have gone to fight for IS in Syria and Iraq but how many have chosen to stay here in the Homeland to bring the war to our front door? This makes Graham’s statement “this president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home” even more grave!