Judge Napolitano: Obama Waited Till Congress Was Out to Strike Syria, ‘Wants to Win Votes For Dems’

No doubt his royal majesty waited for Congress to be out to hit IS. Everything he does is cold & calculated for political gain and his radical agenda. Demoncrats are in trouble with the destruction they have leveled on this country so he will do whatever he has to save Congressional seats. He threw in that imminent threat crap about Khorasan to justify the strike too and make it all legal.

If an estimated 10,000 fighters are coming from around the world to help IS in Syria and Iraq that means there are just as many if not more in their countries of origin. No terrorist organization has all its members in one location, if they did they would be wiped out with one very large bomb (multiple bombings). These bobbleheads in DC seem to forget the call was made prior to the attack to start killing Americans, Europeans and anyone involved with bombing IS.

That call to arms will be taken more serious now that airstrikes have begun. The threat level we are under is just as bad as it was. It is even worse for Americans because it is now a crime, inhumane, bigoted and racist for us to secure our southern border. The same border that the feds have issued a warning to southern law enforcement to be on alert for IS activity!

“We’ll” bomb another country for national security purposes but leave the southern border wide open?! Uh huh… prepare for trouble on US soil folks!