Kelly File: New Info on Lone Wolf Terror Threat

How many terror groups are actively plotting to take this nation down? Better question to ask is how many of them already have fighters within the US border?! The obama admin isn’t even keeping the American people on alert about these threats as we learned with news about the Khorasan group; which the regime used as an excuse to hit Syria.

Maybe if the obama admin wasn’t advertising to the world their plans to strike against terror elements in Syria and Iraq they would have racked up some kills. Instead they have more or less warned our enemies what “our” plans are allowing maniacs like this master bomb maker, who put a bomb inside his own brother, to remain on the loose. Make no mistake about it folks we are going to get hit again and it will most likely be a low-tech style attack. Consider all these reports as alerts or warnings since this govt couldn’t careless about any of us.