Krauthammer: Obama ‘A Man in Denial, On the Verge of Delusion’, ‘Creates a Reality Around Himself’

“Obama create a reality around himself, he is surrounded by sycophants nobody of any stature in his administration who will tell him he’s wrong who will tell him when he gets the briefings for over a year on ISIS and the growing threat that it is not something he can ignore…”

Nice double-shot of Dr Krauthammer dismantling the narcissist in chief. Emperor obama is without doubt is putting every single American democrat, republican, independent, Jew, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, black, white, red, yellow whatever life in danger. One would think at this point someone on the left would speak out and say “Hey, Mr President your course of action, lack of leadership, is not acceptable!” but they remain silent.

As I’ve said on here the only “good thing” that may come out of an attack on the Homeland is that obama and NO ONE on the left will be able to blame republicans or George Bush for it. Going forward obama owns everything that happens to Americans here and abroad as well as our interests. The man as I’ve argued is very dangerous either out of complete incompetence or being complicit and he is an islamist.