Liar in Chief Claims to Have Created “Nearly 10 Million New Jobs”

FACT: Black unemployment is at 11%
FACT: Youth unemployment rate is 13.4%
FACT: U6 unemployment is 12%
The REAL unemployment rate is in fact 23% and has been holding there for well over 2 years.

This man does nothing but lie. The majority of “new jobs” being created are part-time jobs. The economy is not turning around and those getting jobs already had jobs for the most part. The hiring numbers are based more or less on job hopping while the millions like myself who are long-term unemployed have been completely written off by DC and corporate America.

This country is in a stealth depression as I have argued for a few years now propped up by an inflated stock market on printed money from the Fed. Many companies went lean and have learned they can run lean with reduced staff; the jobs lost are not coming back for a multitude of reasons. Aside from learning to do more with less, companies are cutting workers hours (no thanks to barackobamacare) and are taking operations overseas to escape the abuse by the unions, EPA and highest corporate taxes in the world. Democrat bobbleheads will rant and whine about tax loopholes for companies, well if that were true and there was so much available to them they would stay wouldn’t they?! This isn’t to say companies aren’t taking advantage of loopholes but they aren’t as big as the demoncrats would have you believe.

Are you making more? Does the money you make today buy as much as it did four years ago? How much do you pay for a gallon of gas? Have your living costs gone up 3,5,10%? Just wait and see when the Fed finally starts raising interest rates then the real fun will begin!