Pelosi: GOP Economic Policies ‘Took Our Country To The Brink’

Good luck if you can stomach the pack of lies this evil sadistic destructive “woman” spews that Americans are “buying!

Took?! We are in the eye of the economic storm right now! This idiot seems to forget there were dems in office 6 years ago too! The finger-pointing criminals on both sides of the aisle are responsible for the massive debt and bringing this country to the brink. Obama has not done anything to pull the US out and has only put us deeper and closer to complete economic collapse.

Nancy Pelosi is a certified liar unemployment is higher now than it has been in year. It only appears lower because the feds are cooking the books to give the impression the job situation has gotten better. Pelosi left out the 100 million Americans out of work! She negates to point out jobs being created are mostly part-time and a large number of those jobs are in states where the jobs are going to illegal and legal immigrants. The deficit is still climbing and proof is in the daily headlines of all the pet projects the dopes in DC are blowing our money on. The stock market is up because the Fed continues to pump BILLIONS of printed/ digitized money into the market devaluing the dollar. Her claims on healthcare are clearly a lie as millions have lost coverage and we are in a new season with more cuts coming.