Sen Cruz: Dem Amendment on Free Speech Would Even Make SNL Skits Illegal

Sen Cruz continues to warn about the 49 dems pushing hard in the Senate to repeal free speech under the veil of a campaign finance proposal. This amendment (SJ 19) is being sold by dems to stop big donors like the Koch brothers, who Harry Reid attacks daily, is a direct assault on our freedom to speak out against this regime and corrupt Congress. This amendment is clear example of how much dems HATE the Bill of Rights & Constitution. Under the broad language it was written by Schumer, Udall and the rest of the traitors in the socialist party the amendment would not only restrict large donors but even political satire that you see on Saturday Night Live! The dems of course do not care and will push the angle that this is meant to stop people like the Kochs “from buying elections”. Dems will do whatever they have to, to silence dissent and hold on to their power! In their world silencing dissent means silencing everyone from large organizations down to bloggers. The CRAP MEDIA who isn’t covering this of course will be protected and under said bill will Congress will regulate political speech! Go back a few years when the dems held a super majority and imagine this bill as law do you think we would know half of what we know today if it existed?!