Rush: Cheney Exactly Right! Obama Has Done Things That Have Supported The Muslim Brotherhood

Radical islams fight with the US has been going on since the 18th century. We have had more than our share of fights with these nuts for a long time but with the recent Iraq war winding down it this recent mess with radical islam got its spark when obama came to power. Don’t care what the Bush bashers have to say the surge worked there was some order and control in the region up until the change of guards in the presidency. The boy king first called his pal in Turkey, went on an apology tour while encouraging the Arab Spring. Some would argue the Arab Spring came and went, no it mutated into the blood thirsty killers we have today in IS.

The obama regime has done nothing but sit back as the Muslim Brotherhood has risen to power taking a few hits here an there but they are the radical force behind jihadi killers. This regime has opened its door to the MB to a point that they have now infiltrated all levels and influence of the US govt! None of this would have happened under ANY other president, who is putting everyone not just Americans at risk. All you dems out there who voted for this guy, all the dem politicians under him and stand by them don’t think your hands are free of the blood spilled. The mess this nation is in now is because of obama and his failed foreign policies… or are they?! There is enough evidence now to conclude Rush, Cheney and many others are right that obama is an islamist supporting the rise of the caliphate!