AZ Sheriff: White House “Knowingly Lied” About Release of Illegals With w/ Serious Criminal Records

Let me help many of you and say it for you that this is textbook Cloward & Piven strategy being used. The regime is releasing illegals into the population with serious criminal records to overwhelm the system. The regime categorizes or should I say trivializes these criminals as low-level but fact remains they are being locked up overwhelming cops, justice & prison system where “something has to be done” about the immigration issue.

Trust me the obama regime is doing this to justify amnesty, asylum or whatever scheme Schumer, Gutierrez and the other criminal consigliere’s conjure up to bypass the law. After all “if these people were just given a chance, the ability to come out of the shadows” they wouldn’t have to lead a life of crime. No one cares if you your family property fall victim to illegal alien criminals being set loose. The ends justifies the means to the Alinsky-ite in chief, who has DHS preparing green cards and worker permits as we speak for the millions he will legalize.

How does it feel America to be second class citizens? Will you remember when you go to the polls in a few weeks? I’m betting many of you won’t and will re-elect president obola’s enablers.