Fmr CIA Deputy Director: US-Canadian Border Easier to Cross, Worried About Terror Threat in US

We have self radicalized jihadists on US soil to worry about but former CIA Deputy Director Mike Morell is also concerned about self radicalized terrorists crossing the US-Canadian border vs the US-Mexican border.

With so much happening down south we have spent what resources we have along the southern border that has proven to be ineffective. How do we know this? Just look at the headlines about illegal coming across from over 142 countries at times by the truckload! Now with that in mind do you ever hear about what measures are being take to lock down our northern border? Morrell admits “it’s much easier to come across”!

Congress by their refusal to pass a border security bill instead wasting time arguing over comprehensive immigration reform puts each and every Americans life in danger. It is just a question of time until we get hit again and it wouldn’t be surprising if whomever hits us (al Qaeda, ISIS etc) crossed our northern or southern border illegally.