Desperate Democrats Pull Last Minute Race Card to Win Votes

Landrieu and Rangel just cannot help themselves and have to pull the race card to get those last few votes they need to hold onto power. This is standard MO for radical progressives when they have nothing left to stand on since voting/ legislating against the will of the American people. Look at any race in the US where a dem is getting pummeled and odds are they’ll pull the race card or lie incessantly about their competitor.

Dems will stoop to any low to stay in power including rewriting history! For the record America it was DEMOCRATS who wanted slavery, segregation, created the KKK, blocked doorways to schools and lynched people! To this day they continue to keep the black community in the corner telling them they are no good will never get a head blaming republicans and white people, as we have heard from many black activists revolting against the democratic party. Cities with this highest levels of crime, poverty, unemployment and low-income and education are run almost entirely by democrats. So they abuse the black community and then a psyop on black Americans for votes.

Do you think any of these progressive destroyers have told people in these communities they want to legalize 11 million+ illegal aliens? Has the black community that remains loyal to the democratic party realized that when amnesty is pushed through their chances (as well as poor whites, asians, hispanics) of finding work climbing out of poverty will be next to impossible? Nope!

Progressive democrats as well as republicans with blood on their hands keeping the poor and minorities down and out need to be run out of office. This election is as important as any other especially with it being the lat two years for Il Duce, Benito Obama! Would you rather two years of more radical legislation being pushed through with some head butting or two years of a stalemate?

Break free from progs chains and vote the SOBs out!