Kelly File: NYPD Declares Hatchet Attack an Act of Terror, Rise of Lone Wolf Attacks

The NYPD has no doubt this was an act of terror but I’m sure they didn’t get the imperial emperor or his consigliere Eric Holder’s okay to make this determination.

Has anyone taken notice we have heard nothing from any of our elected leaders, DHS or other federal agencies about this rise in attacks here in the US and Canada!? With the recent killings in Sacramento and Marysville WA the left has again been given more reason to push for gun control. This is the last thing we need right now with the threats made again all of us by radicalized islamic extremists. Americans in this time more than ever should have the right to arm themselves since our leaders are completely silent.

For the record it was a good guy(s) with a gun that stopped the attackers in Ottawa & Quebec Canada, Moore OK, and New York City!

Although we like to ID these attacks as lone wolf they aren’t. These monsters are talking to people, they are being radicalized and encouraged to attack answering ISIS’ call to attack law enforcement and military in the US. Sooner or later there will be another more elaborate attack and you can be sure even though it was a lone attacker they will have received help in training, materials or money. If anything we have a pack of wolves launching these attacks in a short period of time…this is just the beginning.