Mark Levin Exposes Mitch McConnell Flip-Flopping on Repealing Obamacare

Lets make something clear barackobamacare was passed as a tax, which means it DOES NOT require 60 votes in the Senate to be repealed.

Mitch McConnell 2.5 years ago said 51 votes were only needed for repeal because the obaminable law is tax per that BACKSTABBER Chief Justice John Roberts. But 2 days ago on Cavuto, McConnell said they needed 60. Now since Levin took to the airwaves making this fact public McConnell, like the progressive he is, has now reversed the lie he told on Cavuto saying they can repeal obamacare. He had no intentions of repealing obamacare if the repubs win the Senate, it’s only because he was exposed as a liar on the Great One’s show he is flip-flopping.

The question we all need to be asking is: Do the republicans, not conservatives, want to repeal obamacare or not?

Remember this law put the framework in place for power grabs, new taxes & fees and control. Whichever party is in control of DC can take advantage of this infrastructure created by this destructive law that was forcefully imbedded in our lives.

If the republicans if in fact win majority with 51+ seats in the Senate and a repeal is not put to a vote Mitch McConnell, the assumed Senate Majority Leader, will be to blame. It will prove he and the republicans are as we all know the other face of the progressive beast running our healthcare system, economy and this country into the ground like their democrat brothers & sisters.