Mark Levin Unloads on Obama: Radical Liberal in Full-Blown Coverup For Ignoring Intel Briefings

The Great One had the imperial emperor dead to rights tonight on Hannity. Obama is clearly not reading nor attending 60% of his daily intelligence briefings that has allowed ISIS to quickly rise to power squandering American blood and treasure. He has failed as commander-in-chief and is putting this nation in danger since he is too “busy revolutionizing our economy and our government and transforming it” as Levin explained.

Levin calls for someone in DC to stand up to obama and set up a commission to hold him accountable, but we all know this will never happen. DC is corrupt to the core with only a few rebels standing with the people who are under attack from the establishment GOP. The nation is coming apart at the seams as obamacare eats away on the economy, we have the threat of amnesty on the horizon while this clown undermines the govt at every opportunity and none of our so-called leaders really seem to care!