Megyn Kelly Interviews Fmr Member of Same Extreme Mosque as OK Beheading Suspect

What this “Noor” tells Megyn Kelly can be summed up simply as the Mosque puts on a peaceful facade to the public while behind closed doors they preach radical islam. What most suspect about what members are told and believe is confirmed by this whistleblower.

Noor states members are told they support suicide attacks against Israel because it is the only weapon Palestinians have, but must be silent because the media won’t understand.

He said he had two friends that stated they would have protected bin laden if he came to their door.

All non believers will have to make a choice to convert, pay the jizyah (tax) or die.

On the topic of beheadings, you would expect some lengthy explanation but Noor explains they are sanctioned against disbelievers…

Now those in support of islam will come out attacking Christianity and/or Judaism but there has yet to be anyone coming forward saying they were told in Church or at their Temple to smite at the necks of infidels! Islam is a death cult and had it been a Church or Temple pushing this ideology they would have been raided by now! Will the DOJ step in to protect Americans? Don’t hold your breath and it isn’t because they fear islam. On the contrary this govt is in fact in bed with CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood neutering our law enforcement and govt agencies. This is what happens when you put an islamist sympathizer into the White House!