Rush: We Need to Quarantine Chris Christi

Yea Ill say it Chris Christi is CANCER to red blooded republicans/ conservatives. For the second time before an election we have this RINO giving in to the imperial regime. Oh and so much for that tough guy persona he puts on that had many of us fooled. This nurse btw is a staunch obama supporter, progressive and oddly her connections to the CDC have been scrubbed!

If the Ebola nurse, Kaci Hickox, does in fact come down with the disease after being released what will the excuses be? Who will be blamed for letting her into the general population to self-quarantine? Better question to ask is why this regime insists on allowing potentially sick people to be able to move about the general population as they self quarantine? We know we can’t trust doctors with symptoms to stay home as we saw with the NBC and NY doctors so why take the risk? It makes one to conclude and go to tinfoil hat country that this regime wants the disease to spread! What other logical reason could there be to not want medical personnel exposed to Ebola isolated? The only way to beat the disease is to isolate it which many African countries are doing but not the US!

Back to Christi, I’ll tell you right now if he or Jeb Bush is on the 2016 ticket get ready to say Pres Hillary Clinton! I warned folks well over 2 years ago to start pushing third party candidates at the lower level elections so by the time 2016 rolled in a third party candidate could be a true threat to establishment candidates. You didnt listen America, so many us will vote third party in ’16 which won’t matter a hill of beans. But at least we will stand for principle right… as the nation burns!