Illegal Alien, Deported Twice, Killed 2 California Sheriff Deputies

It was just a matter of time until the truth came out about this illegal alien that killed 2 sheriff deputies in cold-blood. Do not fall for the lies and misinformation the left will spew to protect the regime that “had we had a comprehensive immigration law in place this could have been stopped”. We have plenty of laws in place to stop illegal monsters like Bracamonte, the problem is our leaders, one specifically occupying the People’s House, refuses to enforce the laws on the books!

Some good actually came out of this tragedy… We learned that all the rants from the left about the deportations are now meaningless. Yea yea families are broken up, for a short period of time until said deported family members make their way back into the US. If this criminal illegal alien can do it so can any of them so it dismisses any claims and effectiveness on deportations, which are cooked statistics to begin with!

We then learned how serious the regime has lied to the American people about the illegals let loose from jails/ prisons claiming they are low-level. Does this guy sound like a low-level criminal? Granted he wasn’t in the batch released but he IS a representation of the hardened criminals that were released back into country! How many more Bracamonte’s did obama and Holder put back on to our streets?

This illegal alien killer lying about his name shows level of deception among most illegals. Now some will argue “c’mon not all illegals are bad people, they mean well”. Ok but you have to remember these people crossed the border and entered the US illegally. Then they did whatever they could to obtain credentials to stay here, so it is valid to compare this monster to the illegal alien carpenter or maid. Stop saying they are good people, they broke the law to come here, don’t pay taxes, leech off the system, refuse to assimilate into American culture and generally show no respect to Americans!

If obama thinks he is going to be able to get away with an executive order for amnesty after this and his regime lying about those released with strong criminal records he is dreaming. If Obola pulls the trigger on amnesty, asylum or whatever loophole he uses the people of this country had better rise up, march on DC and demand he be removed from office immediately!

Those of you in the military and law enforcement better take a good solid gut check and choose sides real soon because you are the ones who will be expected to DO SOMETHING about this monster in the white house! He undermines our laws daily shows total disregard for the rule of law or our.. YOU and YOUR family’s safety!

AP: Suspect in killing of deputies was twice deported