Judge Pirro Warns You Cannot Depend on Others to Protect You

Judge Pirro used the lone wolf attacks to stress we cannot depend on the police, military or govt to protect us. In almost every instance of a lone a wolf attack those charged with our protection were “late to the show” leaving citizens at the mercy of cold-blooded predators until a good guy with a gun showed up to stop them. Pirro argues we are in the dawn of a new era and she is right. As I have argued We the People are the first responders not the police, fire rescue, military or govt agents. When a crisis happens the citizen is truly the first one on scene to respond and lend aid to those injured or in distress, but when violence occurs we are left defenseless most of the time until armed help arrives.

Unfortunately our leaders don’t see us as first responders and have done everything possible to disarm and leave us at the mercy of a 9/11 response time. If these murderers can lay siege on soldiers and armed policemen what about us? Why are we left with no means to defends ourselves? Pirro’s statement IMO challenges status quo suggesting that since we are on our way to a 21st century version of the wild west, where every man is for him/herself, we must do what we can to protect ourselves and family. You would think existing gun laws would be relaxed to a degree allowing us to acquire concealed carry permits but said permits/ licenses are not easy to get in many states. The power elite do not want an armed populace they would rather we be sheep left to slaughter that they’ll be able to use for political gain! We will be pushed to decide to follow the law and be defenseless or break the law to be able to fight back!

Is the Judge saying to break the law? No, but what else can one conclude for those Americans in anti-gun states? When things get worse if we do as she suggests we’re going to have to break the law to survive because bringing a knife or a Taser isn’t going to hold up in a gunfight!